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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

is everywhere at the minute. Doing his whole relatively-realistic budget sci-fi thing in Europa Report and Elysium or that controversial Oldboy remake, he's got a knack for jumping on intelligent-looking, hype-laden projects.

Open Grave looks a bit different, a more conventional horror without ladens of press coverage. Still, let's not write it off as a lesser cousin. Here's a new trailer for the film below, all in Italian:


Now, THAT final image. Spooky, huh? The premise for this looks spine-tingling and here's the synopsis for your perusal:

"OPEN GRAVE is the haunting tale of six desperate individuals who wake up with amnesia-like symptoms next to an open grave of rotting bodies in a remote, desolate forest. With nowhere to turn, they are forced to piece together the mysterious, and ultimately horrifying, set of circumstances that brought them together – before it’s too late."

Looks like it's got the potential to be a decent horror, although I'm sure I'll find an English-language trailer a bit scarier. Oddly, there isn't one, and this film doesn't have a U.S release date, whilst it is scheduled for release in next month in Italy.

To that I say: VIVA ITALIA!

(And get a U.S release date, pronto)

Everybody excited for Open Grave?


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