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Sophie Atkinson

I'm a huge fan of mash ups, but more often than not, one show/song/movie is shoehorned into another for the sake of an amusing title. Much like this (sorry 2ManyDJs):


The Thor/Arrested Development mash up currently blowing up the internet deserves the hype because it fits together wonderfully. Two sparring brothers, one who's mature and toes the line, one fun loving and irresponsible and who doesn't take the law too seriously...are you seeing where this is going? Israel-based illustrator Leigh Lahav has created Thorested Development (heh!), an animated mash up of Arrested Development and Marvel's official trailer for the upcoming Thor: The Dark World. I reckon Loki makes an uncannily accurate Gob...

It sticks to the Marvel trailer fairly closely, so if you haven’t watched that yet, do so first:


Then, onto the juicy stuff: [[yt:tVfZAIHAruo]]

'Now free from prison, Loki found himself in a different kind of prison...His Family.' Guffaw!

Let me know whether you rate Thorested Development below.


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