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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

It's impossible to get away from The Hangover franchise when you discuss Last Vegas, due to be released on November 1st in the U.s. 4 friends hit Vegas for a bachelor party and various hikinks ensure - sounds similar, right? Except this time, it's with 4 oldies, and 4 esteemed ones at that - you've got , , and on tap here.

It's also kind of similar to the whole trend at the moment for 'old stars get back together for one more go-around' films (if I'm long-winded about it), like the Expendables or RED franchises. So, what I'm saying here is: Last Vegas is by no means an original concept. You've seen it (pretty much) all before. Still, the jokes seem to fly, and the cast is indisputably excellent. Check out the new trailer below:

What does everybody think? It's great to see our esteemed stars larking around, and , coming from his gangbusters Liberace in Behind the Candelabra, rocks the silver-fox bachelor role he's been given here. But a few of the quips on how old the 4 are fall a tiny bit flat for me. The Curtis Jackson () and Jackson 5 mix-up? Yawn. Also, a 50 Cent cameo - a lil' like the Mike Tyson one in the original Hangover?

Still, this looks like a decent bet for the fall - some a-list legends larking around and having some fun. Nothing more, nothing less. What does everybody think about Last Vegas?


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