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David Latona

We all know what happens when you tinker with advanced artificial intelligence. At least we know what happens in movies. The creation spins out of the creator's control, the man-made scientific achievement turns out to be a monster, Frankenstein myth, yada yada. But although a familiar theme, if explored artfully it can always be a great topic for a decent sci-fi film. This is what writer-director is attempting with his newest project, The Machine.

Set in an impoverished dystopian future, where the UK is immersed in a new Cold War with a different enemy, two scientists, Vincent McCarthy (played by ) and Ava (portrayed by Caity Lotz), fall in love while developing the world's most advanced piece of self-aware artificial intelligence: an android with amazing processing and physical capabilities. Britain's Ministery of Defense, of course, has its own designs for this potentially game-changing war machine.

Watch the trailer below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies:

What do you think? Does it look as promising to you as it does to me? British science fiction has traditionally been pretty good; in my opinion, this could very well be the next Black Mirror.

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