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Sophie Atkinson

Sick of overpriced popcorn and special effects? Maybe it's time to turn to something with a little more depth than the usual glut of summer action franchises and Michael Bay's wet dreams come to life on screen.

So bump this to the top of your To Watch list: 's Wadjda. It's a film of firsts as the first ever film to be recorded entirely in Saudi Arabia, and (kind of staggeringly, for it being the country's first film) being from a first-time female filmmaker in a country where women's rights and progress aren't always a priority.

The film centers on the plucky Wadjda (), a skinny 10 year old who enters a Koran-recitation competition at her school so she can win enough money to buy her dream bike, something her mother refuses to buy her because she believes that in Saudi Arabia, little girls do not ride bikes. Meanwhile, her mother struggles through difficulties in her marriage.

The trailer was released recently and it seems to handle heavy topics like gender equality and arranged marriages with a light, humorous touch - let me know your thoughts below:


Brits are in luck - Wadjda opens in the UK in a matter of weeks, on July 19. The film is confirmed to be coming to the US this year, too, but there's no release date set for this yet.


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