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Tokyo jeweler Ginza Tanaka has immortalized Darth Vader's iconic helmet by sculpting a 24-carat gold replica that would have the headgear's original creator Brian Muir champing at the bit.

The recent unveiling of Vader's bust in Tokyo's Ginza district forms part of the upcoming celebrations to mark the 40-year anniversary of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope on May 4.

Tanaka has literally reshaped what it is to be a collector. Indeed, Goldmember's member would shrivel in comparison to this colossal golden helmet.

Hence Forth, You Shall Be Known As: Darth Midas

Credit: Dengeki Hobby Magazine
Credit: Dengeki Hobby Magazine

Weighing in at at a little over 33 pounds, the force must have been strong for the goose to lay this Imperial egg.

The design and dimensions pay homage to the original utilized in A New Hope. If you are trying to conceive of the space you'll need for your display case, it's about:

  • 10.5 inches wide
  • 12 inches high

How Many Imperial Credits Do You Have?

Credit: Dengeki Hobby Magazine
Credit: Dengeki Hobby Magazine

If you are considering pulling an extra shift this weekend, you may need to think bigger to have any chance of procuring the world's most blingy paperweight.

A US buyer will need a lazy $1.4 million to take this bad boy home. That's $154 million yen, or $1.8 million if you drink under the Australian skies.

Credit: Dengeki Hobby Magazine
Credit: Dengeki Hobby Magazine

Yes of course, a 33 pound, $1.4 million gold helmet is ridiculous. But it has to be. The scale and magnitude that is Star Wars embodies why both a jeweler and enthusiast would consider this a rational object for their collection. Realistically, at that price, only golden oldies are going to have enough coin to make this shiny Star Wars dream come true.

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What Will Future Generations Think?

"Raiders of the Lost Ark" [Credit: Lucasfilm]
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" [Credit: Lucasfilm]

Hopefully, in the very distant future, when our society is nothing more than dust under a microscope, the dominant species of the day will make sense of it all.

Imagine it. Unearthing the long-forgotten burial site of an ancient man cave. As you enter, to your right on the walls are faded images of a man named Jordan who, somehow had the ability to fly. You think to yourself, "I do not remember such a feat in the book of Lucas?"

Stopping to gather some much-needed courage, you crouch in thought: "I have trained for this. Stop. Breath, what does the book of say..."

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

The years of methodical trials prove you are the chosen one to bring light from darkness. There is no more time for hesitation, the order of Rey demands results. The ancient transcripts of George clearly marked this location as the last seen refuge of the Golden One.

Stepping through a sea of giant index fingers with the words "Go Team!" you turn to face an immortalized army of miniature soldiers and machines. Remembering your training, you check to see that they are incapacitated behind their shields of yellowing plastic. You meticulously set each aside to ensure their slumber is not disturbed. With a noticeable sigh of relief, the last, a reptilian humanoid called Bossk, is removed.

Finally, with the rear of the shelving revealed, a reflective shine can be seen. The prophecy is true! The holy deity of Darth Midas has been found and once more the Force shall awaken.

For those with deep enough pockets, the Vader Midas goes on sale in Tokyo on . I wish I could somehow be there to see it all unfold.

May the 4th be with you! What will you be doing to celebrate 40 years of Star Wars? Sound off in the comments below.

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