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If the name of this short doesn't already have you excited, I don't really know what else will. It's a brilliant, if bizarre, live-action mini-movie which tells the tale of a bunch of vengeful God kaiju who set Tokyo in their sights.

Now, there probably is more to it than that, and the narrator does appear to provide a lot of exposition, but since its entirely in Japanese I have no idea what the actual story is. The first few minutes are a bit slow, but stick with it, it doesn't take long for the humongous gun-mouthed extra-dimensional God beast to lay waste to the wider Tokyo Metropolitan area. Check it out:


The short was produced by Studio Ghibli and draws its inspiration from the God Warriors of 's other work, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

When you consider it was commissioned for a special practical effects exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo curated by director Hideaki Anno (Evangelion), there may be a more poignant reason for all this urban chaos. Apparently, some interpret the clip as being analogous to the Fukushima disaster, although I think a connection to the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings wouldn't be too far from the mark either. And what about all those people standing idly by and filming the beast on their camera phones? Is the film also commenting on our modern phenomenon of viewing disasters from the perspective of a disassociated spectator?

Do you see a connection to the wider work of Hayao Miyazaki or his contemporaries?


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