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Alisha Grauso

I had no idea who Taiwanese actor was until I'd heard he'd signed on to play fan favorite Magnus Bane in the upcoming screen adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. If we're being honest, I also had no idea this series existed, but since becoming a writer for Moviepilot, I have continuously added to my ever-expanding "To Read" list of YA series simply to keep up with the movie adaptations. Last down: Vampire Academy. Next up: This one (Fun fact: My job sends me scrambling to Wikipedia and the far reaches of the internet an average of 37 times an hour).

So I found the interview he did with MTV News to be completely refreshing, with a charming Gao revealing how nervous he is not only to be doing his first English-language film, but also a film that has such a loyal and demanding fan base.

It's nice to see an actor so grateful for the opportunity he's been handed, and Gao was super-gracious, even while running around in his boxers in below-freezing temperatures.

What do you think, Moviepilots? Will Gao make an awesome Magnus Bane? If comments on previous articles are to be believed, you all want to be in cast in something, ANYTHING, as long as he's on screen. Would he have been better cast in the role? Let us know, or throw your own suggestion into the comments.


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