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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters is on its way to cinema's VERY soon (August 7th!) and boy, it's been a long 3 years since 2010's franchise-starter. And the man behind Percy Jackson, , has been out n' about promoting the sequel lately. And most recently, he has done an interview with Access Hollywood, with some interesting revelations.

What did we learn? Well, he's certainly excited to be back on the set, something he calls a constant 'adventure'. And he issues a rebuke to all the 3D naysayers, by saying the film is the perfect fit for the often scorned (hiked up ticket prices! shoddy conversion!) experience. In fact, something as immersive, atmospheric and visceral as Percy Jackson is 'born for 3D'.

And the big one? Will there be a threequel? "If enough people see it and like it, we'll be back for a third one," he claims.

That's a positive response I reckon, so just get yourselves down to the cinema next month and there should be more Percy Jackson and co on the way! Check out said interview here.

How does everybody feel about Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters? Going to rush to your local multiplex August 7th?


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