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Alisha Grauso

One of my favorite things to write about is the concept art and the VFX work done for films, as (in my mind, anyway) they are some of the most interesting parts of a production. While the finished products are hopefully incredible, the real work is the work done behind the scenes, the creative process that most audiences never get to see. So it's always cool when concept art is released, or someone unearths a video of the VFX breakdown for a blockbuster film.

Among the most visually stunning films of this year (or any year, really) was World War Z, the cinematography and design of which were mind-blowing when you saw them on screen. MPC was the visual effects studio charged with making WWZ make our eyeballs pop and now CG Supervisor Max Woods has released a commentary clip detailing how they brought the epic Jerusalem zombie attack to life:


As a refresher (or introduction, if you've not yet seen the movie), here are two clips showcasing the final versions seen on the screen of both the helicopter take-down and the sprint through Jerusalem to escape the zombie horde:




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