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We've gotten a few glimpses of the Sentinels in director 's upcoming X-Men: Days Of Future Past, which he promises will slay all of your favorite superhero movies ever. Not convinced? Maybe this picture of Singer standing next to one of Bolivar Trask's giant mutant killing robots will change your mind:

Convinced? I sure am. For a while I was disappointed by Singer's incessant tweeting - especially when he decided to completely oust 's Cyclops and 's Jean Grey from the epic storyline. Slowly but surely, he's gaining my trust back. Fanboy relationships: They're tricky.

The caption of the image - "Here's to the next 50 years" - is in reference to Trask Industries, which in the mythology of the film was founded in 1967. After discovering the X-Gene used to identify mutants, Trask created Sentinels as a form of identification to hunt down the humans' "threat."

How are you guys feeling about DoFP? Ever since this year's Comic-Con, I'm getting more and more pumped...

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