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The tabloids might not be able to separate Jennifer Aniston's good name from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — despite the fact the infamous breakup happened over a decade ago — but according to her friend Chelsea Handler, Jen gives zero fucks about the whole Brangelina drama.

While it might be somewhat satisfying to imagine Jen rubbing her hands together with glee about the messy break up, Chelsea Handler claims the 48-year-old's reaction to the whole thing has been a resounding "pfffffft."

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Handler leapt to Aniston's defence when she got dragged into the Brangelina divorce drama as news of their divorce broke, and she recently defended her actions yet again to You Magazine while saying:

“I don’t think Jen cares about what’s going on and it’s crazy that people think she does. As if she’s sitting around caring about [Angelina Jolie]. I know I don’t.”

The fact that Handler needs to point out that a happily married woman doesn't spend her days preoccupied with thoughts about an ex from 12 years ago or his former-wife is pretty depressing, but it's testament to the huge cultural impact of Brad and Jen's notorious split in 2005. Or, in Jen's current husband, Justin Theroux's, less charitable words to Business Insider last year, “there’s an endless appetite for trash, apparently.”

Do you think people need to leave Jennifer Aniston out of the Brangelina drama?

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