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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story has been commended for its terrifying new tone with Roanoke and the unique documentary style of the show has definitely had a completely different effect on fans than any of the other previous seasons. The fictional documentary My Roanoke Nightmare may have come to an end in last week's episode but we learned that the story of Roanoke is far from over.

Despite the plot being revealed a few hours prior to its original airing, the latest twist-filled episode of Roanoke saw Cheyenne Jackson's character — whom we now know to be called Sidney Aaron James — manage to get a second season of his Roanoke story commissioned, only this time it would be called Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell.

This was clearly part of the the big twist that AHS series creator Ryan Murphy promised fans. The new fictional show is a reality Big Brother type concept that would see both the actors from My Roanoke Nightmare and their real life counterparts move back into the Roanoke farmhouse for three days. There was a catch though — it would happen in October during the Blood Moon.

(via FX)
(via FX)

Sidney proved on multiple occasions that he would do whatever necessary to get the new reality show off the ground, regardless of the consequences. We suspected that Jackson's character would be of importance later down the line and now we know how. However, the more I think about it, the more I'm certain that he will not make it out of Roanoke alive by the end of the season. Here's why.

Sidney Is The One Responsible For Both Roanoke Series

The camera never stops for Sidney Aaron James. (via FX)
The camera never stops for Sidney Aaron James. (via FX)

Sidney has proven on a number of occasions that he will stop at nothing to succeed at making this reality series. In My Roanoke Nightmare he was seen pressuring the real Lee into continuing the show, even when she wanted the cameras turned off. "Chapter 6" of Roanoke saw Sidney pull out all of the stops to make the sequel series and he wouldn't let anything get in the way.

If we are to believe the re-enactment of Shelby and Matt Miller's horror story, then the Butcher is a very territorial person. She refuses to let people remain on her land and if they do so then she kills them during the Blood Moon. I'm pretty sure that the real life Tomasyn White a.k.a. The Butcher is probably horrified at the fact that her territory has been overrun with camera crews and production trucks on numerous occasions. Now that the Blood Moon is out, White will likely take advantage of this opportunity and kill the man responsible for corrupting her land.

Moreover, Sidney made clear in the latest episode that he bought the house from Matt and Shelby, so technically he owns her land. If I were Sidney, I'd be getting the hell out of dodge — he won't want to be around for when the Butcher comes out to play.

Sidney Doesn't Believe The Millers or Their Roanoke Tale

Despite making the show, Sidney doesn't believe the story. (via FX)
Despite making the show, Sidney doesn't believe the story. (via FX)

Although it was his idea to produce both Roanoke based series', Sidney came across as a non-believer. In fact, he had so little faith that anything supernatural would happen in the house that he had a team of experts install a few 'scares' — such as rumbling sinks and bursting pipes — just to make sure that some drama happens and that his reality series wouldn't be a total bust. If only he knew what terror actually lurks beyond the trees outside.

Because of his non-believer attitude, Sidney will have to come face to face with the supernatural entities so that he may finally see the truth for himself. If this happens though I can't see him escaping — whether it's the Butcher, Scathach or any of the other colonists that confront him, I have a feeling that once he finally realizes that Matt and Shelby were telling the truth it'll be too late for him.

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Return To Roanoke Is Being Completely Produced And Edited On Location

Sidney is at the location too. (via FX)
Sidney is at the location too. (via FX)

All of the action from Return To Roanoke takes place on location — there are no off-site interviews like there were in Roanoke Nightmare, everything that happens in Return to Roanoke happens on the land — including the production of the documentary.

In the latest episode, Sidney ordered the production trucks to be out of sight because he wanted the participants of the house to feel like they are having a real experience and a production truck almost spoils the realism. What he doesn't realize, however, is that by going further into the woods, they are closer to the real story than they should be. It's not what's going on in the house that Sidney should be worried about — it's what lurks in the woods that is the real threat.

The preview for next week's episode also shows Sidney sitting in a production truck admiring some of the footage from the house on computer screens. This will likely spell trouble for him because the trucks are located at the heart of the supernatural activity. If the Butcher realizes that there are trespassers on the land, she will be out in full force to make an example of them.

The New Show Never Materializes

Sidney isn't a particularly nice person, he manipulated Shelby into joining Return to Roanoke by promising her that Dominic — the actor who portrayed Matt in Roanoke Nightmare — wouldn't be a part of the show, which was a lie. He also deliberately riled Agnes so that she wouldn't stay away from the location, thus causing drama for the show. And he also continued production after his assistant walked out on him and a crew member mysteriously died. That says a lot about Sidney. With that in mind, I think we can all pretty much guarantee that Sidney would stop at nothing to get this series produced. Yet towards the end of "Chapter 6" we are told that the show never aired.

(via FX)
(via FX)

If Sidney survived the three days in hell then he would've definitely made sure that the series aired — no matter the cost. The fact that the show never aired implies that he never made it out of Roanoke alive. Moreover, the term "found footage" also implies that somebody found the footage at a later date, meaning that Sidney wasn't around to continue to the project.

This is Sidney Aaron James we are talking about; he would've done anything to get this show on the air no matter how many people died. I guess he found out the hard way the the Roanoke colony are real.

Check out the preview for next week's episode "Chapter 7":

None of us are sure which one of the participants made it out of the house alive but either way, there is no way in hell — quite literally here — that Sidney would abandon his series in the middle of production. I guess Sidney will experience first hand what Matt and Shelby went through. Although part of the twist has been revealed, I think we are in for plenty more shocks to come in the last four episodes of Roanoke.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Do you think Sidney Aaron James will make it out of Roanoke alive? Tell me your thoughts in he comment section below.


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