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With the urge to purge and another murderously OTT season of on the way, fans are baying for information (and blood) on the show's return. We may have seen some Dumbo-nightmare concept art of the season's presumed Big Bad and had some promises of political strife in Washington, but apart from a few casting tidbits, we've been kept in the dark.

There may be no Trump and no Clinton — I'm still holding out for Kathy Bates as POTUS — however, we now know that another AHS alumni will be saluting the Star Spangled Banner in September. Alongside the likes of Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, and of course Ms. Bates, resident Horror Story hunk will be back in an unspecified role for Season 7 of FX's horror anthology.

Back For 'Gore'

The square-jawed lothario will once again be opening himself up to the masterful mind of and hand himself over to this year's circus of political debauchery. Let's just hope that we get to see a little more of him than we did in Season 6 before he takes ANOTHER puncture wound to the throat.

Just Jared’s paparazzi snapped Jackson on set the set of American Horror Story in Los Angeles, and previously reported that Evan Peters had been spotted too. Jackson was noticeably seen alongside Sarah Paulson, so does this mean that the two will be sharing some sordid screen time, or could Jackson have something to do with Evan Peter and his rumored new hairdo?

It is only a first glimpse, but showing a knack for a villain role in Season 6's Roanoke, you can easily imagine Jackson as some weasely White House spin doctor who gets his comeuppance. Jackson joined the fray in Season 5's Hotel, where he played the hapless homosexual Will Drake. It didn't take long for the corridors of the Hotel Cortex to lure Drake in, and he met a similarly gruesome fate in Season 6. Appearing last year as the slimy director Sidney James, the 41-year-old felt sadly underused in the show's most divisive season yet.

While Jackson's return is sure to be a coup for fans of AHS's anthology premise, new talent like Billie Lourd, Billy Eichner, and Leslie Grossman promise to spray some fresh blood over the proceedings. There is still no news on if fan-favorites like Angela Bassett and Lily Rabe are sharpening their butcher knives, but expect Murphy to capitalize on whichever A-list stars he can snare.

With previous stars including Leslie Jordan, Jessica Lange, and Lady Gaga, at least American Horror Story can't be accused of skimping on the talent or the corn syrup. Either way, we are sure that "Yucky No. 7" will weave an intricate web of political murder and deceit that even Frank Underwood would be proud of.

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