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In 2003, Chicago introduced us to Velma Kelly (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Roxie Hart (Renée Zellweger), two murderesses on death row fighting to keep the fame that will hopefully save them from their fate.

The film and its stars earned countless award nominations and numerous wins including 6 Oscars and 3 Golden Globes. What makes it one of the best musicals is the A+ cast, the beautiful costumes and the sets, and,of course, the awesome soundtrack. But even with amazing songs by Zellweger, Gere and Latifah, there's one iconic song that stands out above the rest.

tells the stories of six women, and how they came to find themselves in jail after altercations with the men in their lives. Hint: they all end in murder. In case you need a reminder, or just want to re-experience the magic, check out the video below.

Six talented actresses were responsible for bringing this song to life in a beautiful and amazingly choreographed scene. Some of them have continued acting, both on screen and stage, but some have left the camera behind continued their dancing careers. And now, the six merry murderesses of the Cook County Jail in their rendition of the Cell Block Tango...

Susan Misner as Liz

'Chicago' and 'Nashville' [Credit: Miramax and ABC]
'Chicago' and 'Nashville' [Credit: Miramax and ABC]

Who Did She Play? Liz shot her husband in the head twice with a shotgun after his constant gum popping. Let's face it, we've all been there. That shit is bloody annoying!

What Has She Been Doing Since? With over 60 credits to her acting career, things have been good for Susan Misner with roles on Nashville, The Good Wife, The Americans and many, many more.

No stranger to dancing and Broadway, Misner has starred in play like How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and Guys and Dolls.

Denise Faye as Annie

'Chicago' and 'Burlesque' [Credit: Miramax and Sony Pictures]
'Chicago' and 'Burlesque' [Credit: Miramax and Sony Pictures]

Who Did She Play? Don't you hate it when you find out the man you have been living with has 6 wives? So does Annie, and that's why she spiked his drink with arsenic.

What Has She Been Doing Since? Aside from acting on-screen, Denise Faye has appeared in stage shows on and off Broadway, including Guys and Dolls, The Winter's Tale, Chicago and many more.

Even with an illustrious stage career, Faye has also continued acting on the big screen — she can be seen in American Pie 2, Burlesque, Rock of Ages, ParaNorman and Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

Deidre Goodwin as June

'Chicago' and 'BDF Master Class' [Credit: Miramax and YouTube]
'Chicago' and 'BDF Master Class' [Credit: Miramax and YouTube]

Who Did She Play? What else was June to do when her husband has been accusing her of screwing the milkman? Stabbing him ten times was surely the only answer!

What Has She Been Doing Since? While may have been her first acting credit, Deidra Goodwin has remained in acting and gone on to star in Across the Universe, Law & Order: SVU, Magic Mike XXL and Elementary.

Goodwin has also appeared in multiple Broadway shows including A Chorus Line, Silence! The Musical and even Chicago, where she played Velma Kelly.

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Ekaterina Chtchelkanova as Hunyak

'Chicago' [Credit: Miramax and LinkedIn]
'Chicago' [Credit: Miramax and LinkedIn]

Who Did She Play? Out of all the women in the Cell Block Tango, Hunyak was clearly the innocent one. When the police couldn't understand her, they accused her and her lover of decapitating her husband. Translators weren't a thing back then, apparently.

What Has She Been Doing Since? With only three other acting credits to her name, Ekaterina has also starred in Centre Stage, The End of Silence (with she also co-produced) and Odin's Shield Maiden.

While she might not be acting, she has been travelling the world dancing, teaching, coaching and is the founder of Open World Dance Foundation.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as Velma Kelly

'Chicago' and 'Dad's Army' [Credit: Miramax and Universal Pictures]
'Chicago' and 'Dad's Army' [Credit: Miramax and Universal Pictures]

Who Did She Play? Velma was arrested for the murders of her husband and sister when they were caught in an ...umm... compromising position. Maybe he just got the sisters mixed up?

What Has She Been Doing Since? The biggest name out of the six women, is well known for both her acting and her relationship with Michael Douglas. After Chicago, she has gone on to star in hits like The Terminal, The Legend of Zorro, Rock of Ages, RED 2 and Dad's Army.

Next up, Zeta-Jones can be seen in Ryan Murphy's Feud, alongside some power houses including Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon.

Mýa Harrison as Mona

'Chicago' and 'Bermuda Tentacles' [Credit: Miramax and Syfy]
'Chicago' and 'Bermuda Tentacles' [Credit: Miramax and Syfy]

Who Did She Play? Mona wound up in jail because her & her lover had a difference of opinion on his cheating — it's just that Mona's opinion was he should die.

What Has She Been Doing Since? Mýa is probably best known for her music career in the late '90s-early '00s with hits like Case Of The Ex and Lady Marmalade with Christina Aguilera, Pink and Lil Kim.

Adding more acting credits to her name after this film, Mýa went on to appear in Dirty Dancing 2, Shall We Dance, Cursed, NCIS, Bermuda Tentacles and the upcoming, Lazarus.

Cell Block Tango's popularity has also lead it be covered multiple times including on Glee; there's also an all-male version, and a version featuring the Disney villainesses, entitled Spell Block Tango!

Musicals can be very hit-and-miss nowadays, either with movie goers or the story itself, unless you are the recent juggernaut that is La La Land with its massive box office takings, award success and popularity. To have a musical as amazing and successful as this makes Chicago one musical that will be remembered for a long time to come.

What do you think of Chicago? What was your favourite song from the movie? Comment below!

(Source: Deidre Goodwin image via BDF Master Class on YouTube)


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