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It's been nearly 50 years since a plush little bear in shabby green overalls first charmed his way out of a city department store and into our hearts. , the classic children's book written and illustrated by Don Freeman turns 48 this year. The sweet story is as heartwarming as ever, so it makes perfect since that CBS Films has decided to reinterpret it into a cinematic adventure.

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While most details for the project are still up in the air — like who will write the screenplay or voice the characters — Tim Story (Ride Along 2) is currently in talks to direct.

The Story Of Corduroy

Corduroy by Don Freeman
Corduroy by Don Freeman

In case you weren't brought up on this particular tale of friendship and endurance, or if it's been so long you've forgotten, here's a little synopsis:

A humble little bear named Corduroy lived in the toy section of a department store. One day, a little girl named Lisa was shopping with her mother when she spotted Corduroy on the shelf. Immediately enamored with the bear, she asked her mother if she could bring him home.

Lisa's mom was a parsimonious woman, and said something to her daughter along the lines of: "I've already spent a pile of money today, I can't shell out even one more penny. Besides, that bear's overalls are missing a button."

Corduroy by Don Freeman
Corduroy by Don Freeman

Lisa and her mom left the store. In the dark of the night, when the department store was empty, Corduroy stood on his shelf questioning his self worth. If I can't find my button, no one will ever want me, he thought. He vowed to retrieve his button that very night.

Corduroy's quest took him upstairs to the bedding department. On one of the bed spreads, he spied a button! Thinking it was his button, he pulled and pulled on the button (which — spoilers — was not his button) until it popped off and sent the little bear flying into a lamp.

Corduroy by Don Freeman
Corduroy by Don Freeman

Next, a security guard came down stairs and found Corduroy in the jumble on the floor. Without even asking the bear what he was doing there, he brought him back to the toy section and placed him back on the shelf, where he remained for the rest of the night, still without his button.

But the next day, Lisa returned! And she had a fistful of money! She took everything out of her piggy bank and used it to buy Corduroy. She brought him home to her family's apartment and stitched a button on him herself. From that day forward, the two were best friends forever.

Corduroy by Don Freeman
Corduroy by Don Freeman

Previous Adaptations

Corduroy 1984
Corduroy 1984

The first time Corduroy was converted to film was in 1984, when it became a live-action made-for-TV short movie.

A cartoon TV series called The Adventures of Corduroy ran from 1997 until 1999. Listen to the catchy theme song in the video below.

Corduroy's life after the department store and subsequent adventures with Lisa was chronicled in a 10-episode Canadian cartoon series that aired in 2000. You can listen to the theme song in the video below, too!

With all these previous versions, not to mention the sequel penned by Don Freeman himself, A Pocket for Corduroy, and the numerous sequels that followed from other authors, there should be plenty of material available to put together an adorable, original Corduroy movie that's fun for the whole family.


Will you be watching the new Corduroy movie?

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