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Alisha Grauso

If the only way you ever learned about the Asian culture was by watching their horror movies, you would assume that the only thing in this world that scares them as a people are ghosts. Specifically, young, female ghosts. And even though that's a horse that has been ridden into the dust in Asian horror cinema, man, do they do it well.

The latest offering is 's 23:59, a Malaysian-Singaporean horror film that is finally finding its way to our shores. Magnet Releasing has picked up the film and it is slated for a DVD and Blu-ray release on June 4th.

The plot is unique and seems fairly intriguing, too: A young platoon is stationed on a remote island when one of the recruits becomes convinced that the malevolent spirit of a mad woman who died on the island at exactly 23:59 is visiting him every night. His friends laugh it off, but on a lengthy road march exercise, he is found dead, with limbs contorted and a look of terror on his face. As the soldiers decide to investigate, it unlocks the terrible dark secret of the island, and each of the recruits must confront their deepest fears if they want to learn the truth of their friend's death and survive.



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