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As the month of June slowly edges closer, we're getting ready not just for summer but also, finally, for the release of DC's Wonder Woman. The Amazon princess who has been gracing the pages of DC Comics for 75 years is getting her long-awaited big screen debut! For a while it seemed like the movie wasn't getting the marketing it deserved, but Warner Bros. has finally kicked the promotion into gear.

While the colorful posters promoting the values close to Diana's heart, such as Wonder, Power and Courage, are absolutely stunning, artist Nicola Scott has been sharing more Wonder Woman art to count down the days until the movie's release, including a Chinese version that features a manga version of Diana, Hippolyta and Steve Trevor.

Can We Get A Wonder Woman Manga, Please?

It looks like Wonder Woman would fare pretty well as a manga heroine, and her semi-naked outfit clearly fits right into the Japanese tendency to leave much of their female characters' skin exposed. Steve Trevor is as swoon-worthy as a manga character as he is when portrayed by Chris Pine, so when do we get this manga version going?

Nicola Scott is the artist currently drawing Wonder Woman for Comics, and the pieces she's been sharing with the Countdown2WonderWoman hashtag are fantastic:

Still, let's not forget that this is Wonder Woman's time to shine in live-action — so if you haven't caught up on the trailers, watch the final one below:

Wonder Woman is out in theaters June 2, 2017.


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