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A heads up: this is going to be spoilerific, so if you want Pretty Little Liars Season 4 to be absolutely bursting at the seams with surprises, leave this article NOW.

Alright then. Let's get us some juice.

At the evening celebration for the hit ABC Family drama at the Paley Center on Monday, exec producer Marlene King deemed this 'the season of answers'. If, much like me, you've whiled away entire evenings with your friends, swapping theories on what the duck's going on, you'll finally be rewarded. Which is a relief - I don't know about you, but the third season started to strain my patience.

I'm not going to solve the really big mysteries of who's behind all the dastardly torture of our favorite foursome - mainly because the producers and cast had their wits about them and didn't reveal that stuff.

But they've been good enough to shed some light on what'll happen in the Liars' love lives.

Hanna and Caleb:

Since actor Tyler Blackburn (Caleb) will be joining the Ravenswood cast later this year, we all assumed that their relationship was toast. Not according to Blackburn: "They don't break up," he told reporters. "They have a solid relationship, so it's actually heartwarming and interesting how they break off. It's hard to explain. They don't break up, but they do part ways. It does [leave things open-ended]...and allows for things to go in multiple directions.'

Spencer and Toby:

We're going to learn a heck of a lot more about Toby finally - he's always had a lot of screen time, but I've never felt like I knew a whole lot about his past. Now that changes. 'We dive into his past in a way that we've never gone in anyone's past before,' Keegan Allen (Toby) told The Hollywood Reporter of Toby's story with his mother Marion. 'It's really a soft spot and 'A' presses that soft spot. It's dark, twisted, sad. It's dramatic and shocking and on a level you would not expect. It really adds a whole new layer to Toby that we all didn't anticipate.' So far, so intriguing, but what of his relationship with Spencer?

'There's a trust issue, but I think it's remedied by the fact that he was doing it to protect her and I think it strengthens their bond throughout the season,' Allen said before clarifying that 'Spoby' (yuck) is ultimately 'a love story'. Troian Bellisario (Spencer) gave us her take on the couple '"Spoby" is always on the rocks because they're so passionate and intelligent and not trustworthy. I think they both have paranoid schizophrenia,' she joked. 'There is always going to be an up and down.'

Ezra and Aria

"It's rough, but good ultimately," Ian Harding (Ezra) told journos of where Ezra and Aria are at the start of the new season. "I'm hoping for a sweet payoff. I maybe haven't seen one yet but the tension is just so thick. Both of them are trying to move on with varying degrees of success. It's going to be wild." On Harding being asked who he thought would be more successful in Season 4 in moving on? "Oh god, I don't think either one," Harding says. "Maybe Aria is going at another guy or throwing herself into a project, such as finding 'A,' or Ezra is trying to figure out how to raise his son or teach at this school where my love is in school." Huh? Not sure that sentence makes sense, but get the picture. Both Ezra and Aria are trying to distract themselves.

Emily and Paige

"She starts out in a typical romantic place with Paige and their story is a coming-of-age story," King says. "What are two people who are in love to do as they're in senior year starting to think about college and where they're going to go from here -- and can they go to the same place or not?" But unlike most teens on the brink of going to college, Emily has a tormentor in A, and she's going to do her best to muck things up. "Whenever 'A' senses smooth waters, he or she or whatever likes to mess it up and cause some waves," Mitchell said. "She definitely does that for Emily and Paige. She ruins something that affects Emily's relationship with Paige as well."

Other spoilers:

We're going to see the first bromance of the series! "Toby and Caleb team up," Allen teased. "We've never had two guys on the show partner up without their girlfriends. It's a very bro-y moment." Tyler Blackburn described their scenes as "the most fun.".

A targets the girls' parents: After doing their best to split up the laydeez, A's going to target their parents instead. "It felt like a great strategy for 'A,' " King said. "The divide and conquer [strategy] and hopefully picking them off one by one, that didn't work. They just became closer and closer than ever. 'Now that we can't separate you, in this way, we're going to separate you by picking apart your parents one by one.' Intriguingly, King described the parents as being in danger 'in every way' ie. emotionally and physically.

There'll be an all-flashback episode. King 'expressed interest' in doing an episode completely set in the past in the Q&A and said she was "excited about" the prospect.

According to Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, 'I learned in Rosewood that everyone is connected. Everyone.' - ok, this is probably too cryptic to count as a spoiler, but does this imply that all the storylines are going to interconnect?

Sound off below with your own theories...


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