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There was once a time when an actor would be associated with their one primary role, overshadowing every other project that they take part in. However, the cast of Glee have sung their way out of this bracket and have went from strength to strength since the musical drama concluded back in 2015.

Lea Michele is making us scream on Scream Queens, Grant Gustin is saving the day in The Flash, Melissa Benoist is flying high in Supergirl and Darren Criss will be scaring us in the third season of American Crime Story.

The Glee cast have wasted no time in continuing their blossoming careers and that list of esteemed alumni wouldn't be complete without the brilliant Chris Colfer. Colfer starred as the lovable, fierce and fabulous Kurt Hummel for six seasons and took part in many of the show's groundbreaking storylines. Since the show's conclusion, Colfer has become a New York Times best selling author with his incredibly successful Land Of Stories collection.

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A TV Comeback For Chris Colfer

[Credit: FOX]
[Credit: FOX]

Colfer's biggest project since Glee is no doubt Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, in which he had one of the leading roles playing Christopher — Edwina's hilariously fierce hairdresser. Other than a this and a brief appearance on TVLand's Hot in Cleveland, Colfer has taken some time out of the spotlight, focusing instead on his writing.

However, it appears that his two passions will collide because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Colfer is teaming with Sonar Entertainment to develop, write and star in a new Sci-fi series titled Indigo.

The potential series would explore the mysterious Indigo children — those who are misdiagnosed as having illnesses but actually possess extraordinary paranormal powers. There is no network attached to the project as of yet but Sonar Entertainment are planning on shopping the project around to broadcast, cable, premium and streaming services and Colfer is expected to pen the pilot. Sonar Entertainment already have a number of projects including MTV's The Shannara Chronicles and AMC's The Son.

This isn't the first time that Colfer has penned and starred in a project — he also wrote and starred in the 2011 film Struck By Lightning. His time on Glee made him a household name and his performance earned him a much deserved Golden Globe. Not only is he a wonderful actor, he's a great writer and he also penned a Season 5 episode of Glee. It's great to see the young actor getting a chance to champion both of his talents. Oh and let's not forget he also has a lovely voice — talk about a triple threat.

[Credit: FOX]
[Credit: FOX]

With the entire cast of Glee taking over the world, Chris Colfer is finally ready to make his comeback and what a comeback it's going to be. Indigo already sounds amazing and — provided it gets commissioned — we really can't wait to see how it pans out. Colfer has proven himself to be a wonderful writer on more than one occasion, so we've got incredibly high hopes for Indigo. Welcome back, Chris Colfer.

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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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