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Acclaimed South Korean director 's first English language film, Snowpiercer, is lighting a fire of excitement among fans of his work, and fans of filmmaking in general. Bong is a master at creating stories layered with social and political meaning, fantastic allegories grounded in gritty realism and sometimes unrelenting emotional twists.

Snowpiercer is an adaptation of the violent and bleak graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jean-Marc Rochette and Jacques Lob and tells of class warfare set in a dystopian future. The world is a frozen, post-Apocalyptic wasteland after an experiment to end global warming goes horribly awry and kills off most of the life on Earth, save for a few thousand people who live on Snowpiercer, a high-speed train that runs off a perpetual motion machine as it circles endlessly around the globe. Much like in 's films, the Haves and Have Nots exist in very different realms even while on the same train, with the lower class struggling in filth and poverty, and the entitled upper class enjoying the best of what Snowpiercer has to offer. That all changes when the lower class formulates a plan to rebel, led by Curtis () who is fated to change life for his people.

The film arrives in South Korea next week, so the last international trailer has arrived. It focuses on Curtis and that destiny, a gripping and intense look at life aboard Snowpiercer.


There is still nothing from The Weinstein Company on when we might be seeing this film stateside, and I may or may not chew my own arm off in anticipation if we don't find out a date soon. But rest assured, we'll keep you updated on the latest, and the moment we have a date for a U.S. release, we'll let you know.

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