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Now, for the average fan, the New England Patriots have long been the Sith Lords of the world — dastardly, worryingly competent masters of all they survey (read: the AFC East), with a hope-shattering tendency to destroy the things we love (read: whichever other team we might happen to support). Indeed, for most supporters outside of New England, they're Thanos, Voldemort and Jar Jar Binks, all rolled up into one all-conquering, Bill Belichick-headed monster.

And yet, himself loves them. That's right — is a huge Pats fan, something that makes it somewhat unsurprising that...

Chris Evans's Reaction To The Patriots' Super Bowl Win Was Absolutely Priceless

'Captain America: The First Avenger' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Captain America: The First Avenger' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Y'see, while much of the rest of America (and, to a somewhat lesser extent, the world) was rooting for an Atlanta Falcons win, Chris Evans was about as desperate to see the Patriots win as he usually is to save Bucky from government oversight. Which, of course, meant that Evans's reaction to the Pats' remarkable comeback victory on Sunday night was — rather special. Already pumped up before the game even began...

...Evans went responsibly quiet during the actual game, before accidentally activating the All Caps option on his phone at its conclusion:

The most adorable part of the whole situation, though? His reaction to the team's 34-28 overtime win was recorded for posterity, and includes footage of Chris Evans being more excited than seems entirely humanly possible:

All of which essentially means that sure, the bad guys may have won this time — but at least Captain America is one of them? No, wait. That can't be right.

Aw, man. Hydra got to Chris Evans, didn't it?

What do you think, though? Did all of these shiny new Super Bowl trailers help with the pain of watching the Empire win? Let us know below!


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