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After six (soon-to-be seven) appearances in the MCU, people associate with Captain America. Once you see the actor put on the combat uniform and Vibranium shield, it's possible to forget about every other role he's played and buy into his Steve Rogers. However, despite that impressive portrayal, Evans was initially hesitant to accept the role.

In fact, had to offer the part to him several times before he finally said yes and now he's spoken about what exactly what is was that made him think twice about picking up the shield:

Chris Evans' Biggest Fear When Taking The Captain America Role

Chris Evans sat down for an interview with The Telegraph where he revealed his reluctance to take on the role came from the prospect of the actually going well, therefore tying him to his six-year contract:

“One of my biggest fears was that the movies were going to be good. Because if things worked out, I’d have to do all six of them. And at the time, that was the most terrifying aspect of it. That it was going to be so dominating, all-encompassing.”

Looking back I'm sure he — as well as all us fans — is feeling quite happy he accepted the part. Evans' has given fans a great portrayal of Steve Rogers. One of the biggest concerns fans had during the development of The First Avenger was the slim possibility of Marvel making cool. People associated him with a cheesy attitude and outdated manners, but Evans embraced the character and gave him layers.

His version of Rogers isn't a gullible Boy Scout, he's a cautious idealist that can sell you on his innocence, while also convincing you he's seen enough to be weary of others. It's rare to find an actor that can blend perfectly with their character that way.

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

We'll be able to see the good Captain in action one more time (for now, at least) once Infinity War comes around on May 6, 2018.

What do you think about Chris Evans' comments? How long would you like to see him play Captain America? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: The Telegraph)


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