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Sometimes it is hard to separate an actor from their most iconic role, and this is definitely the case with Chris Evans and Captain America. With his blond all-American good looks, penchant for promoting charitable causes and honorable aura, it's easy to imagine the real-life Evans whipping out his own personal shield of justice and saving the world.

Chris Evans reporting for duty, sir! [Credit: Marvel]
Chris Evans reporting for duty, sir! [Credit: Marvel]

As if distinguishing fact and fiction wasn't already difficult enough, has started fighting a white supremacist who is pretty much as close as you can get to a real-life Red Skull on Twitter.

The online spat began when Evans pointed out that any decision endorsed by former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard, David Duke, was inevitably the wrong one. Namely, Evans was referring to Duke supporting the confirmation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Naturally, seeing as kicking up an irrational stink online is essentially Duke's job description, the embittered antisemite launched an attack on the man behind Cap:

A man who is used to enduring the trials of wriggling into full body spandex is not the sort to back down after shots are fired, though. Evans made sure all of his followers were aware of the inflammatory things Duke has spouted from his hate-hole before:

Being the hateful turd that he is, Duke decided to define the very meaning of confirmation bias by accusing Evans of hating white women because has also appeared in pictures with women of colour. Go figure:

See also:

Instead of getting into a slanging match with someone who is clearly beyond saving, Evans responded to Duke's attacks with dignity and grace explaining that maybe David could do with a bit more love in his shrivelled, atrophied soul:

Predictably, fans went nuts at this meta merge between Evans and his beloved on-screen character, and rallied to support Cap on Twitter:

Never change, Chris. Never change.

Is Chris Evans actually Captain America, discuss!


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