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Families can bring out the best and worst in us all, and those who share familial bonds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe () are no exception. Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) have one of the most heated sibling rivalries in blockbuster history. Their tough love for each other has gotten to the point where both are willing to injure the other just to prove a point.

Loki became exceedingly popular after his righteous appearance in The Avengers, but Chris Hemsworth has now stated that the ongoing feud between Thor and Loki could be coming to a close - and not for a reason you might expect.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for 'Thor: The Dark World'

Brotherly Love No More

'Thor: The Dark World' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Thor: The Dark World' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

During his very own panel in the Supanova Comic Con in Australia, Hemsworth teased what to expect from the titular character in Thor: Ragnarok. Apparently, Thor has had it with Loki and has now become apathetic to his younger brother's mischief.

This was confirmed by Tyler James, who attended Hemsworth's panel and tweeted the actor's revelation.

Thor's ambivalent mood towards his brother marks a significant change for the Norse God of Thunder, since this could be the first time he won't be trying to save Loki. In previous movies, Thor always exerted his efforts towards bringing Loki back into their family, but failed each and every time to do so.

Given Thor's seemingly pointless efforts to convince Loki to see the errors of his ways, it would only make sense for the hammer-wielding warrior to give up and move on to other matters. Ironically, this could even be the kind of wake-up call Loki needed all along.

A New, Complicated Family Dynamic

In Thor: The Dark World, Loki faked his own death to covertly usurp the Asgardian throne from his adoptive father, Odin (Sir Anthony Hopkins). The movie ended with Thor telling Loki (disguised as Odin) of his "deceased" brother's honor, to which Loki responded by allowing Thor to leave for Earth and defend the Nine Realms from there. This allowed Loki to help Thor move on from a painful past and, most importantly, give himself free reign of Asgard.

Whatever emotional resolutions Thor may have found in The Dark World will undoubtedly be undone by the revelations of Ragnarok, where Odin has been exiled to Earth as a madman and Loki's charade will be quickly ended by Hela (Cate Blanchett) during her assault on Asgard. When he's eventually forced to work alongside Loki to defeat Hela, a frustrated Thor's choice to simply stop caring about his deceitful brother seems like the most logical (and peaceful) solution.

This sets up a possibly different take on the sibling rivalry between Thor and Loki, since one party has had it with the pointless squabbling while the other will most probably continue to antagonize the God of Thunder. How Ragnarok will end this family feud, though, will be the most interesting part of the brothers' continuing rivalry, given that the stakes have been ramped up for the both of them.

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