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It seemed like from day one it was Thor: Ragnarok's goal was to force every fan out of his or her comfort zone. Does Thor wield Mjolnir? Nope. Well, it takes place in Asgard, right? Nope, it actually takes place on the planet Sakaar. Are Jane Foster or Erik Selvig in the movie? Not this time. Well, surely still has his long, wavy locks of hair, right? Nope, and Chris Hemsworth is definitely thankful for that one.

Thor's stylistic blonde hair has been replaced with a rough brunette buzz cut, and Hemsworth seems to like it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hemsworth talked about his new haircut in the film and how much of a departure it was from his usual blonde 'do.

"When I didn’t have the wig on, I instantly felt like I could move and speak and react differently."

'Thor: Ragnarok' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Thor: Ragnarok' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Hemsworth continued to explain that removing the wig allowed him to take on a whole new attitude with the character, stating that it felt very different.

"Once we aesthetically stripped a lot of that away. It allowed the whole thing to take on a different attitude. It felt like a completely different character, and that was hugely liberating and freeing as an actor because I had become a bit bored with myself."

Now, while Hemsworth was certainly happy with the change in character, a lot of fans felt the complete opposite. Many people took to Twitter (as many angry fans do) to share their disagreement on the character change, including musician Darren Hayes.

Others took to Twitter to share just how much they were not into the God of Thunder's new look.

However, not everyone is against Thor's new look, claiming that it fits his new gladiator style and matches the one and environment of well. However, once we see Thor and Hulk kick butt in the arena and witness Hela's awesome power, Thor's buzz cut won't be anywhere near our minds.

What do you think of Thor's new hairdo?


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