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Thor: The Dark World star has been causing some confusion recently, due to his ever-fluctuating weight. And it looks like he's decided to go all out for his next role, In the Heart of the Sea, which is about the true events that inspired to write Moby Dick. That means losing a LOT of bulk.

Hemsworth beefed up for The Avengers but then got on the treadmill and put down the protein shakes again for his role in 's Rush, before fleshing himself out again in order to play the God of Thunder in and 's Thor sequel. Given that he's now in a survival-at-sea story, director Howard has shown us Hemsworth's latest look:

Heart of the Sea goes a little something like this:

A bunch of sailors in a whaling ship get struck by a whale, the ship sinks and they jump onto the small rafts and drift for 90 days. And basically they begin to die and eat each other ... And we have to get rather skinny. So we're on 500 or 600 calories a day... It's funny, you've never heard 15 big, burly guys playing sailors talk about their calorie-count, what they should and shouldn't eat... I mean, you can consume 600 calories in a milkshake... So it ends up being a couple of small salads, a couple of small pieces of protein and that's kind of it and you go to bed hungry. And then you have like a fasting period of 15 hours, like you stop eating completely, and then you have little meals through the day.

Next up, Hemsworth will no doubt be piling all the muscles back on in order to shoot The Avengers: Age Of Ultron, giving 's Machinist-to-Batman weight fluctuation a run for its money.

What do you think of Hemsworth's dramatic new look? Do you miss his Thor-y side?



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