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If Chris Hemsworth and his wife had starred in a movie together, you would know right? Wrong! It turns out that the hunky Aussie actor shared some screen time with his spouse, Elsa Pataky in Thor: The Dark World, but you probably didn't know anything about it.

Chris Hemsworth's Thor is arguably one of the sexiest superheroes to hit the screen. I mean who wouldn't want to kiss him? Well, it turns out Natalie Portman wouldn't. The Black Swan star once let slip that it wasn't her who locked lips with the blonde Aussie at the end of Thor: The Dark World:

“It was for reshoots [after the film was finished], and [Hemsworth] was working in Hong Kong and I couldn’t get there because I was working on my own film, and so they put his wife in my wig and costume — that’s why it was so passionate.”

Yes, that's right. It was Chris's wife that he was smooching on that roof top. It certainly explains why the chemistry was so explosive. Want a closer look? Watch the scene again:

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The magic of movie-making. Who would have thought it wasn't Portman all along? However, this isn't Hemsworth's wife's first time in front of a camera, oh no. You could say she's a bit of a seasoned pro. So, just who is Mrs Hemsworth?

Elsa Pataky a.k.a. Mrs Thor

Elsa and Chris have been married for six years now and have three adorable children together. Alongside being hitched to the sexiest hammer wielding man alive she has her own movie career. You probably recognize her from the Fast And The Furious franchise as she appeared in the fifth, sixth and seventh installments. The stunning actress has also appeared in Snakes On A Plane and will return to our screens once more in Fast 8

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There's no denying how beautiful and talented Pataky is, Chris is one lucky man:

In addition, the Spanish señorita is also a stunning model and is the face of many fashion campaigns worldwide:

Elsa is without a doubt a star in her own right, she just happens to have one hell of a husband, who she got to kiss onscreen pretending to be Natalie Portman.


Did you spot Elsa standing in for Natalie before?

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