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It seems that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have as much a roguish reputation as Star Wars's most beloved smuggler, as the last week has seen the internet light up with rumors after Lord and Miller were fired from the Han Solo solo movie, just weeks from wrapping. We've all been scrambling to work out exactly what went wrong, and the reports paint an interesting picture.

Some say that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy never liked the way Lord and Miller "folded their socks" (who folds socks??), others point towards Lord and Miller's improvisational style as just not being the right fit for . In the most intriguing development, it seems that Alden Ehrenreich (the young Solo himself) shot first, calling Kennedy's attention to the production and questioning the directing duo's decisions.

But, among all this noise, Lord and Miller have remained conspicuously silent — aside from their official comment to the press. Now, Miller has posted a hilariously passive aggressive Tweet, which is a callback to the original Star Wars movies.

If you're a fan worth your Bantha milk, you'll instantly recognize this quote from A New Hope — and you'll get the irony, or perhaps the aptness of using this phrase. This is what Han Solo says to try and stall the Imperial troops from coming into the detention block, pretending to be a trooper and assuring them everything was "fine, we're all fine here... how are you?"

Naturally, the situation was anything from normal — in fact it was a panicked situation in which the characters were desperately scrambling to solve — which makes Miller's Tweet all the more hilarious. Miller's Tweet invites us to envision the situation at Lucasfilm HQ in the same way, with execs running around and bumping their heads like so many stormtroopers, while communications assure us that everything is fine. And, just as Solo ended an uncomfortable conversation by blasting the computer bank, we're left wondering if Miller's Tweet is a pithy comment on how Lucasfilm terminated their contract — especially as Lord and Miller felt there was another solution they could have reached.

Unfortunately, this Tweet suggests that both he and Miller really did get Han Solo's sense of humor. Well, we'll never know what Lord and Miller's vision was for the movie, unless that rumored director's cut is released.

[Ron Howard voice] It wasn't.

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