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Wonder Woman is currently on track to be the first critical success for the DCEU, and is looking to rank against bitter rivals Marvel when the movie finally hits theaters in June. Aside from all the critical praise the movie has received so far, its stars have also had nothing but adoration for the film and its message, particularly its leading lady Gal Gadot. However Gal's co-star (or sidekick, if you will) Chris Pine got all thoughtful at the movie's premiere, and explained why Wonder Woman is needed now more than ever.

Speaking to Vanity Fair on the red carpet, Pine explained all the reasons why is so important, and needed, on screen:

"We’ve seen stories told through the male prism a lot. Men are not all that smart. We tend to want to kill each other all the time, so it’s nice to finally have a fresh, female perspective with important themes."

He continued, talking about how movies don't all have to be about blowing shit up:

"To have a female superhero story that is about love and compassion and nurturing of life than the opposite is very important. At the heart of the movie, it’s about people falling in love and being passionate and being heroic. It’s a great lesson for everyone to learn instead of other movies where shit is blowing up all the time."

Pine's comments might be having a little dig at previous movies in the , which have been accused of sacrificing character development and story for action and violence. It's no secret that Hollywood has a diversity problem either, and it's important to note that Wonder Woman is the first female-led movie by the DCEU and the MCU — which for the most part barely scape a pass on the Bechdel Test — and will remain that way until Captain Marvel is released in 2019.

The choice of Monster's Patty Jenkins to direct is also part of the film's charm, proving female heroes can take powerful shots both in front and behind the camera.

's has also been outspoken about the importance of this movie to women and girls. It has been 76 years since Wonder Woman was created, and only now is she heading to the big screen. Gal Gadot echoed Pine's sentiments on male heroes, calling it "radical" when she applied them to her character:

“We’ve spent years treating male heroes in certain ways. I just applied those same tropes to her, and all these incredible radical moments suddenly appear to an audience.”

However, Gadot also spoke about wanting to present Diana as loving and nurturing, as well as heroic and powerful — which is exactly what meant when he talked about the "fresh, female perspective" that sets Wonder Woman apart from other DCEU movies.

Despite all the complaining about female-only screenings, Wonder Woman is bound to make a killing at the box office, and be the character-driven, soulful and exciting DCEU movie we've all be dying to see since Man of Steel limped meekly by. . Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2.

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