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While Wonder Woman has been blessing the world with the awesomeness of Gal Gadot, who truly shines as Diana of Themyscira, her co-star Chris Pine is nothing short of brilliant, either. Reversing the standard damsel in distress trope by playing Steve Trevor, Pine has clearly established himself as the best Hollywood Chris (at least according to this scientific ranking).

In an AMA session on Reddit, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins took the time to answer some questions about the making of the movie, including what it was like to work with the actors. She revealed that a lot of the lines in the movie were improvised, thanks to the generally great mood on set and the amazing chemistry between Pine and Gadot.

Chris Pine Improvised That 'Average' Line In Wonder Woman

With Diana discovering the world of man — she's read quite a few books, but Steve is truly the first man she sees with her own two eyes — there are countless hilarious moments of her colliding with a new reality. From the early 20th century dresses to the idea of a "secretary," she's surprised at every turn.

As for Steve himself, it didn't take long after his arrival in Themyscira for Diana to walk in on him, butt-naked. "What is that?" she says in the most innocent way possible, prompting Steve to seize the opportunity to describe himself as "above average." After all, she doesn't have a point of reference, does she? With Pine's deadpan delivery, it's clearly one of the humorous highlights of the movie.

via Reddit
via Reddit

On Reddit, Jenkins explained that she wasn't the one to initiate that part of the dialoge:

Chris Pine's entire riff about not being an "average" man was improvised on the spot.

Actors having a fantastic time also translates to the screen, and the bond between the Wonder Woman actors obviously contributed to the uplifting, dynamic mood of the movie.

What was your favorite scene in Wonder Woman?

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