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Have you ever confused an actor with another, completely different actor? While it probably doesn't happen as often among the fan community, it is a common occurrence among casual moviegoers. Interestingly enough, the superhero film genre is not helping itself avoid that problem.

There are currently four sandy-haired actors named Chris in two different comic book universes: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt on Marvel's side and Chris Pine on DC's, portraying Steve Trevor in this year's .

All of them get mixed up more times than you could imagine. Fortunately, one of those actors has finally stepped up to put a stop to the confusion: . Pine appeared on SNL to promote next month's Wonder Woman. And, most importantly, to let people know...

He Is His Own Chris

The skit started out as the usual opening monologue, when all of a sudden, Pratt... err, Pine, told the audience he had a new movie coming out this weekend, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. People cheered him on, and that's when he pointed out the problem: Among all the superhero Chrises, Pine is his own brand of Chris, and he made his point by singing a song to the tune of Billy Joel's classic, "Uptown Girl." I trust the lyrics speak for themselves:

"I'm not that Chris. I look just like him but I'm not that Chris. Not Pratt or Hemsworth, I'm a different guy. Not Evans either, look I'm my own cool vibe. We're all white guys but these aren't the white guys I am. Im 6ft tall and Chris Evans is... Chris Evans is 6ft as well."

After a brief interruption by , who had no idea who he was but asked to take a selfie with "Captain America," and , who had to read out of her hand to tell Pine apart from his other fellow actors, he pointed out that while Evans and himself play characters named Steve, they're not the same person. And that's when he drops perhaps the most memorable line in his entire explanation:

"A completely different Steve, played by a different Chris altogether."

Sadly, Pine's case seemed to have gone by unnoticed by some spectators, as stepped in and confused him further with Ryan Reynolds. Fortunately, even after that distraction, Pine finished his number on a high note, with a giant sign with his name on it and balloons all around.

So what did we take away from this? Don't mix up superhero actors, that's simply not okay. Hopefully, for those who at times get confused by the remarkable similarities between the four Chrises, they'll be able to tell Pine apart through his role as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, which flies into theaters on June 2, 2017.


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