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After garnering universal critical applause, DCEU is gearing up to take on the box-office with its latest installment, Wonder Woman. As this is the first successful big-screen adaptation of the character, director Patty Jenkins has taken a notable amount of inspiration from Spielberg's Indiana Jones to maintain the PG-13 rating. In addition to that, it looks like the adventurous archaeologist had a heavy influence on Chris Pine's portrayal of Steve Trevor.

Steve Trevor is a character that walks a fine line between being tough and compassionate. Unlike Diana, Trevor isn't invincible and is thus aware of the imminent dangers around him, while also harboring an air of hope and ambition throughout his misadventures. As this definition also fits the personality of Indiana Jones, Chris Pine opened up to Cinema Blend about how the character helped him conceptualize his version of Steve Trevor in :

"[Patty Jenkins] was pretty clear: I had to fall in love with [Diana], crack some jokes, and be the kind of light spirit -- which I had no problem doing! In the vein of the 'Indiana Jones', and Michael Douglas in 'Romancing The Stone', the kind of rough around the edges and jaded and a realist, but trying his damnedest to be good. I love the story that she was trying to tell. So yeah, [laughs] I enjoyed it!"

While, Indiana Jones and Jack T. Colton (Michael Douglas) were the center of their respective stories, Steve Trevor had the arduous job of keeping up with the raw force of Diana. So, even though Diana did much of the heavy-lifting while serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration, it's evident that it was Trevor's ideals that fueled her to get rid of the evils that plagued mankind.

Apart from portraying the valiant and endearing aspects of the character, Pine's Trevor inherited the romantic charm of Indiana Jones as well. As Steven Spielberg wanted to make Raiders like a fun James Bond film, it is no surprise that Indy's appealing demeanor is reminiscent of the suave spy. So, Pine not only has Indiana Jones to thank for helping him romance Wonder Woman, but James Bond too.

It's interesting to see that despite being an origin story for Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has managed to give a memorable backstory to the person who inspired Diana Prince throughout the years. So, as Wonder Woman has certainly broken the deadlock between and the critics, we have to wait and watch whether Steve Trevor's charm and Wonder Woman's brawn manages to woo the audience as well.

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(Source: Cinemablend)


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