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We've all made a sentimental mixtape for that special someone in our lives. We spent hours compiling a set of perfect songs to conjure those same memories and create the perfect mood. Most of the time, it worked. Unless you are making a super sexy mixtape for his wife Anna Faris when they get frisky between the sheets.

Chris Pratt may have used his "pelvic sorcery" as Star-Lord in the Guardians of the Galaxy when he smoothly introduced the music from his mixtape to Gamora. But during his recent interview on The Late Show Monday night, the actor admitted that his sexy mixtape for his wife Anna Faris was an epic fail because of his use of Al Green's “Let’s Stay Together”:

“I could tell right away, big miss. Big miss, and it’s a long song. She’s like, 'What? Who are you? You don’t listen to Al Green. What are you trying to pull?'”

Guess he can't always be as suave as Peter Quill.

Chris Pratt Should Have Called Peter Quill

[Credit: Marvel Studios]
[Credit: Marvel Studios]

One of the reasons for the success of was largely in part of the soundtrack. Peter Quill carried around with him his Walkman and mixtape created by his mother on his birthday before he was abducted into cosmos. The tape, labelled "Awesome Mix Vol. 1", was the only memory of her and of his time on Earth. He made sure nobody ever took his Walkman away. Just remember what Star-Lord did to that prison guard who was listening to his music.

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There were some memorable songs from his mixtape that gave the movie its now famous musical vibe: "Hooked On A Feeling", "Cherry Bomb", and "Ooh Child". However, there was no song from Al Green. When it came time for Chris Pratt to pop in his mixtape before he and his wife were about to get it on, Anna was not in the mood for that cliché mood-setter. They didn't even get to any of the songs after she listened to “Let’s Stay Together”:

"I was so embarrassed, which is crushing."

Though after a pause, he admitted the song doesn't really grab him, either—but for, uh, an entirely different reason:

"For me, it’s the wrong humping tempo."

Maybe Chris Pratt should try popping in the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 that we'll hear in ? There have to be some songs on Vol. 2 that will pass Anna's bedroom approval.

Which is your favorite song from Awesome Mix Vol. 2 so far?


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