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is posting up a selfie storm during the promotional tour for his latest sci-fi romance , but he keeps cropping his talented costar Jennifer Lawrence out of the pictures!

Jennifer Lawrence Is Not A Social Media Fan

Jennifer Lawrence does not tweet, post on Instagram, or spend time on Facebook. In an interview with French Magazine Madame Figaro, when the talented beauty was asked whether she would ever invest in one of the multiple social media platforms available, she revealed:

"All that doesn’t interest me for a second! ... I’m always hundreds of emails behind."

The Tweet That Started It All

Pratt's ongoing selfie prank all started on November 29th with the proud declaration that he "cropped out of this picture."

Following pleas for the two costars to post an actual selfie together, Pratt took to Instagram to appease the fans and the subsequent selfies taken are all fantastic.

Pratt And Cropped Lawrence's Selfies

The same day the above tweet was sent, Pratt posted a great picture of himself with a glimpse of Lawrence beside him.

@prattprattpratt: Finally got that selfie with Jen y'all wanted.

Here's a dapper looking Pratt hanging out with the back of Jen's head.

@prattprattpratt: Just hanging with my bestie Jen.

A change of pace for picture #3. This time, the two pose with Spanish YouTubers, elrubiusOMG.

Pratt posts an artsy video wherein he promises a "heavily featured" Lawrence.

Another dapper selfie taken of Pratt and a great view of Lawrence drinking some water. Riveting stuff.

@prattprattpratt: Another day down with me and my best buddy Jen.

Here's Pratt and a side view of Lawrence backstage with .

@prattprattpratt: Me, and @jamieoliver backstage at @thegrahamnortonshow promoting a film called coming soon to a theatre near you. Can't believe I got to meet the naked chef!!! He was wearing clothes, but still!!!

And finally (for now), let's marvel at the beauty these two radiate, even when cue cards are covering Lawrence's face.

@prattprattpratt: My publicist Allison just took this hilarious candid photo. Totally startled me and . It's little moments like this I'm so glad to be able to share with our fans as we promote

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Andy Dwyer would be proud of Chris Pratt's devotion to the practical joke.

Check out the two stars attempting to figure out how to survive on a spaceship when Passengers is released right around the holidays on December 21st, 2016.

Are you planning on checking out Passengers?


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