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Filling the testosterone quota for , and ruled over proceedings as Peter Quill and Drax the Destroyer. While Star-Lord doesn't quite lord it up so much anymore and Drax is reluctant to be quite so destructive, the A-list actors are almost unrecognizable from their first auditions.

As we settle in for 's sequel, Pratt and Bautista's screen test tape is doing the rounds again online. The bromance between the pair and Drax's unconventional mellowing in the sequel has taken the characters that much further, but in the spot below you can see the pair testing for their roles back before 2014's original Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Right Men For The Job

You can see the essence of the characters there, but Pratt seems to yet have embodied the cocky swagger of Star-Lord and is reduced to barely a whisper. Although Quill is clearly bubbling under the surface, the actor almost sounds like he is practicing a below-average Matthew McConaughey impression.

Note that Pratt still appears to be carrying a little excess weight, having not fully embraced his grueling Star-Lord fitness regime. Also, Peter Quill may not have the best fashion sense in the world, but the outfit does look like something Pratt rummaged from a jumble sale.

As for Drax, given Bautista's comedic part in the sequel, it is terrifying to see him back in his intimidating prison role from the first film. He has certainly captured the intense essence of Drax from when we first met him in the KYLN in 2014 and is complete with a spooky grey tone and rippling muscles.

It is arguably Guardians that put Dave Bautista on the map as more than just a washed-up wrestler, while his performance in Vol. 2 was easily one of the standout roles. Elsewhere, he has enjoyed a (nearly) speechless role as thuggish henchman Mr. Hinx in James Bond's Spectre and has a part in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 — watch out Dwayne Johnson, you might have some competition.

Looking back now, it is strange to think that two of the film's biggest parts went to two relatively unknown actors. 's decision to cast a pro-wrestler was almost unheard of, but they were clearly taking a leaf out of Johnson's book. As for Pratt, he was known for parts in The OC and Parks and Rec and did a stellar job at shedding his puppy fat to become the hero hunk of the piece.

Although the tape was shared a few years ago, it is well worth a visit ahead of watching Vol. 2. You can clearly see the comic timing between the pair, and whether it be ploughing an A'askvarii girl or biting off Ronan's head, the pair seemed made for each other when sharing screen time. It may not be on the improv scale of Robert Downey Jr., but hey, who can improve on perfection?

You can check out the final version of the scene below, and don't forget our poll beneath!


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