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While we rewind the tape on Awesome Mixtape Vol. 2 and , director is already looking ahead to the third part of his outer space trilogy. With rumored to be the last iteration of the team as we know it, it could all change for the likes of Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot.

Even for those who haven't seen it yet, Vol. 2 made huge steps to introduce new members of the team, but it seems that Gunn is planning on saving them until a possible fourth entry in the series. Well, there is no rest for the wicked if you are the master of the intergalactic heroes, and even while doing the press tour for Vol. 2, Gunn has been hard at work writing his next film.

The Write Man For The Job

Whether Gamora and Peter Quill will ever actually hook up still remains in imagination of Gunn, but according to USA Today, it seems he has some help on the writing side. Star-Lord himself, a.k.a. , is helping write the script. Elsewhere, we know that Zoe Saldana will be consulting on her character and that Gamora is set to have a much bigger role. As the de facto heroine of the piece, I'm not sure how you can give Gamora a bigger role, but let's wait and see.

With both Pratt and Gunn doing the writing, expect Vol.3 to be chock full of bro jokes and Star-Lord charm like only Pratt can do. Details are thin on the ground for where Vol. 3 will take us, but set after and the untitled , expect the team to be affected by their battle with Thanos.

We have already seen Quill's daddy issues, so where could the team go next? We know that the gold-skinned Sovereign race is still after the team, while Benicio del Toro's The Collector is still out there somewhere. Other possible villains include Mistress Death — the physical embodiment of death — so what better way to round off Gunn's trilogy than with a culling of the characters? Finally, a certain Vol. 2 post-credits scene neatly lays the way for another big name villain from the 's line.

Whatever happens, we know we are in safe hands with the duo. As Vol. 2 was just as good (some say better) than the original, Gunn and Pratt are sure to whack on another rocking soundtrack, chuck in a cameo from some '80s faded star, and everything will be alright. With some 48 years of Guardians comic books to get stuck into, you'd better get reading boys!

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