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Emily Browne

Ah, Father's Day: a day where both mere mortals and celebs both take to social media to share their appreciation for dads in all shapes and forms. However, Father's Day can be a painful or difficult period for some, especially for those whose Pops aren't around anymore.

Arguably Hollywood's most beloved superhero, is one such star who took to Twitter to remember his father who passed away in 2014. In a seriously touching tweet, Chris writes that his father was "strong, funny, uneducated and whip smart," and that he was always part of his son's life:

His father was clearly more of a Yondu than an Ego, and this tweet is the perfect tribute to his late pa. As a father himself, Chris's wife Anna Farris also shared her appreciation for her hubby on Twitter, with an adorable pic of their son Jack from two years ago.

Chris wasn't the only celeb to celebrate this year. Here are a few more celebs who took to social media to celebrate the day in a variety of funny, touching, or tongue-in-cheek ways.

Of course, the ultimate Father's Day was probably had by Jay-Z — because really what news is more important than the birth of Beyonce's twins?!

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