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With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 crunching the numbers in the box office, Chris Pratt attended The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on a press tour to promote the movie ahead of its May 5th US release. Even though he has become better known as Star-Lord, Pratt revealed that he once auditioned for the role of the Man of Steel in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.

Here's What We Know

After entering the Ed Sullivan theater with tumultuous applause, Stephen Colbert quickly turned to the time when Pratt and he were working on the Strangers with Candy movie and he approached Colbert to break the news about his audition for Singer's Superman Returns.

Stephen Colbert: "What I remember is that there's this young kid with all this energy, and you came back in the middle of shooting, you went up to California, came back and went 'I might be Superman! It was the Brandon Routh Superman era... And I thought, I could totally see that guy as a superhero...'

Even though Colbert conveyed his excitement, Pratt joked about how the casting director hadn't shared the same level of enthusiasm.

Chris Pratt: "Casting director did not agree!"

In order to keep the interview more upbeat, Pratt shared a very optimistic thought:

"The 'no's that you get today might mean an even more powerful 'yes' in the future"

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What We Might've Got

Looking back at the financial and critical run of Superman Returns, it might look like a great move for Pratt, but would he have been any good? I think yes. Throughout his filmography, Pratt has showcased his dorky charm as Andy Dwyer, and he might have been a pretty impressive Clark Kent by embodying the bumbling and grounded nature of the reporter.

Even though Pratt sported a cute belly at that time, he has no shortage of dedication for his craft, and judging by his ripped abs in , I am pretty sure he would have done the same to fit into the iconic suit. On top of that, his wink-and-smile attitude might have given the Man of Steel the flair of optimism that it needed in Superman Returns.

Pratt did dodge a bullet, though. After Nolan's departure from his Batman series, the Batman and Superman team-up took 10 years to formulate, leading to the casting of a whole new Man of Steel. At the end of the day, I think all fans should be thankful to the casting director of MCU for bringing him into the Marvel family. Two movies later, it is hard to imagine anybody else as Star-Lord.


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