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Ever since news of Passengers hit the mainstream back in 2015, Jennifer Lawrence has been banging on about what it was like to do her first sex scene. In particular, she revealed that getting it on with Chris Pratt made her feel "vulnerable" and intensely "guilty" because he was a married man.

Back then, she admitted that she even required some Dutch courage to take her clothes off, saying:

"I got really, really drunk. But then that led to more anxiety when I got home because I was like, 'What have I done? I don’t know.'"

Well, clearly if has no idea what she did, we will just have to see until comes out on December 21 to really grasp the level of naughtiness between the actress and Pratt:

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Now though, just days before the release of the movie, has piped in with what really happened while pretending to do the dirty with J-Law. During an appearance on BBC Radio, the pair agreed to partake in a game called 'Playground Insults' — which, quite frankly, is right up their street considering how notorious these two have become in the world of Hollywood pranking.

And after the game had been going on for quite a while — the purpose of which was to make the other person laugh — the true winner became apparent and it happened to be the star.

Harking back to his Passengers sex scene with the actress, Pratt dropped the following bombshell, which has J-Law in absolute bits. He said:

"During our sex scene, I felt your d**k rubbing into me."

All jokes aside though, Chris has also recently spoken out about how he tried to make the intimate filming experience as comfortable as possible for Jennifer. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, he revealed:

"I don’t want to make generalizations based on gender, but I feel the responsibility falls on me [to make my costar comfortable], and I’ve been in that situation a couple times. Essentially it’s your job to just minimize the discomfort by, you know, making sure there’s nobody else on set than is required, having a closed set, periodically checking in, and just doing everything you can to assure the person you’re with that they’re okay."

In reality, it seems no actual dicks were involved.

Watch the entire interaction in the clip below:


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(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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