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In Hollywood, 's journey from trailer occupant to goofy Parks & Rec boyfriend to ultimate hot dad slash action hero is nothing short of a miracle—the kind of path that sounds like it's been pulled straight from the perfect coming-of-age script and is just begging to be adapted to the big screen.

Pratt himself couldn't agree more. In an interview with Vanity Fair, he shared the feeling that it was truly his destiny to be where he is today, a Marvel Studios superstar who once used to be a door-to-door salesman. Obviously, he doesn't look back on all the steps of his ascension with equal fondness, but he knows they were all worth it in the end.

'It Was The Worst Movie I'd Ever Seen'

In between two bites of home-roasted boar, the Guardians actor revealed the first movie he ever starred in wasn't his proudest moment. One day, an actress named Rae Dawn Chong walked into the restaurant he was working at in Hawaii, and one thing leading to another, she offered to put him in a movie titled Cursed Part 3 — as the lead role. Was it good?

"It was the worst movie I'd ever seen."

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Still, it was actually a blessing, since it got Pratt a manager and a foot in the door to the big Hollywood castle. If you ask Pratt, that's what you call destiny:

"The whole reason that movie came along was just so I could be brought to Hollywood."

Did You Know That Pratt Initially Turned Down 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'?

'Guardians of the Galaxy' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Guardians of the Galaxy' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Can you imagine the Marvel Cinematic Universe without the unexpected success of Guardians of the Galaxy and the near-perfect casting of Pratt as Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord? It looks like we've got Pratt's agent to thank for that one:

"'Guardians' had come around, and I passed. James Gunn [the director] passed on me, too. When they announced it, I looked it up and saw a list of the top 20 dudes in Hollywood who might play Peter Quill. I was not on that list. I did not want to go in and embarrass myself. My agent said, ''Guardians' is everything you've been saying you want to do.' I said, 'Fuck, you're right.'"

Isn't life amazing? If a Pratt biopic road movie ever happens, I'm betting the tagline will be something like "Follow your dreams."

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