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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Question: Is there a more perfect man than ?

Answer: No.

Taking to Reddit last night to promote is upcoming movie Passengers in which he co-stars alongside Jennifer "racist butt-scratcher" Lawrence, Chris Pratt revealed many delicious nuggets of information about his life including his undying love of his wife and his son, his transformation from "shlubby" to stacked adonis and his desire to wear Eminem's cologne to mention but a few.

Luckily for you however we've trawled through the entire Q&A to bring you all of the fascinating highlights, so come take a dip in Pratt's luscious pitts and find out for yourself just exactly who his favourite actress is and what he misses from his pre-actor days living out of a van on a Hawaiian beach.

His Son, Jack, Thinks Acting Is Stupid

The apple of Chris's eye, Jack, who was born prematurely and whose life was saved thanks to the wonders of modern medicine previously thought that Chris was a firefighter. Jack's mother, Anna Faris is also an acclaimed actress, but the adorable sproglett isn't at all impressed about his parents' jobs. Chris stated that:

"[Jack] thinks it’s kind of stupid. Haha! I suppose he’s right!!!”

His Wife, Anna Faris, Is Also His Favourite Actress

Without skipping a beat, when asked who is favourite actress was, Chris stated purely and simply "." When he was later asked whether he prefers Anna in the Scary Movie franchise or The House of Bunny Chris romantically replied with:

"Wow. That's a good question. Like a kiss marry kill thing? Trick question. I'd marry and kiss them all. And I did!!!

At The Beginning Of His Career, Chris Only Started Getting Roles After He Put On Weight

Parks and Recreation [Credit: NBC] / Guardians of the Galaxy [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]
Parks and Recreation [Credit: NBC] / Guardians of the Galaxy [Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures]

In a strange reversal of events, arriving in LA in search of his fortune in "good shape," Chris discovered that he only started being offered roles once he put on weight and became a flabbier version of his previously toned self. This was in large part due to him being typecast by his good looks:

"People assumed based on my looks i was an asshole and a one trick pony. I only auditioned to play the douchebag characters. my audition material would be like 'Bradley, 24, you hate him immediately."

Tired of constantly being offered "douchebag roles," Pratt went on to say:

"It wasn't until I built a shlubby exterior, which stood in stark contrast to my inner confidence that people gave me room to play."

Finding any woman in Hollywood with a similar problem would be a rare and wondrous thing.

Filming Passengers Was 'A Grind'

Starring alongside Jennifer Lawrence who Pratt described as being "funny and cool," and "refreshingly tough," when asked about what the most difficult aspect of filming for the big Hollywood blockbuster, Chris replied with:

"The hardest part of working on Passengers would be the schedule. There were only two of us primarily through the whole shoot and we worked incredibly long hours. I was homesick a lot of the time. It was a grind."

Sometimes it's tough being a family man.

He Want's To Smell Like Eminem

When he was asked by a fellow Redditor the question we've all been dying to ask, "would you and Eminem ever do a song together," Chris gave a measured answer, and stated that while he may not get to do a duet with the rapper, he'd sure like to smell like him:

"He's been after me for years to do a song. wait, no? he doesn't know I exist? Oh. well.... probably not. simply because he wouldn't do it. haha! But I'd buy his cologne if he had one."

He Misses Uncertainty

Given that fifteen years ago, Chris was unknown and living out of a van on a Hawaiian beach, his Reddit fans wanted to know what he missed the most from these seemingly carefree days. Interestingly, Chris answered with:

"That was such an amazing time in my life. There are elements I miss. Perhaps most of all, uncertainty."


Do you prefer Anna Faris in The House of Bunny or Scary Movie?


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