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The internet is a wonderful place and every once in awhile it gifts us with something absolutely hilarious. The gift that keeps on giving is 's Instagram feed. Granted, Chris Pratt is one of the funniest, greatest celebrities around, but when he takes to Instagram to promote his movies, the world is a slightly better place.

After promoting Passengers by cropping Jennifer Lawrence out of every single one of his pictures, Chris Pratt is back at it again, only this time his co-star is food.


Chris Pratt Plays "What's My Snack?"

Known for the longest time as the fat, funny guy from , Pratt got into serious shape for his role as Star-Lord in and quickly rose to international stardom. However, as his latest Instagram gimmicks prove, he still loves food.

On the set of , Pratt started playing a game he made up called "What's My Snack?" The basic premise of his game is to show the world what he's being forced to eat on his strict diet and maybe we'll suffer through it with him. In the first installment, which is above, Pratt attempts to pronounce the name of the shake he gets to eat for his snack that day. Hearing him stumble through words and attempt to string the complicated name together is enough to make anyone laugh.

In the second installment of his amazing new game, Pratt unveils his snack of the day with the catchy jingle "What's My Snack?" It turns out the answer to that question is "assorted sashimi" and based upon his reactions, its really good sashimi too!

The third time playing "What's My Snack?" is probably the funniest video I've seen in a very long time. Pratt is whispering in the middle of the night as he sneaks a snack in, a snack he was supposed to be saving for the next day. He says he'll only eat a little bit, but as anyone knows, you can never stop after just one bite. He is all of us on a diet.

The latest episode of "What's My Snack?" Pratt apologizes for the midnight snack eating episode and promises to make a more manly episode and to eat a simple apple. Honestly, it's a pretty tame episode and there is absolutely no reason to watch it all the way to the end (I'm sorry, that was a blatant lie, please, please watch it to the end, you'll thank me later).

The man is truly a national treasure and he should be protected at all costs. Pratt has turned many frowns upside down by his wild antics and he clearly shows how human and down to Earth most celebrities are.

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So there's your update in the latest Chris Pratt Instagram jokes. Here's looking forward to the next installment of "What's My Snack?"


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