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Whether you know it or not, there's been a division between fans of The Walking Dead since the series began in the age old question, would you rather become a gruesome walker or a hardy survivor?

There's pros and cons to both transformations, while those in the survivors camp have the obvious advantage of still being alive and in control of their faculties, those who choose zombies basically get to look really, really awesome. One person clearly in camp zombie is cosplayer and singer Chris Villain, who recently stopped by the Super News By Movie Pilot studios to document his transformation into the living dead for our series.

Here's Chris before his big change, definitely looking very alive and not at all hungry for flesh:

[Credit: Chris Villain]
[Credit: Chris Villain]

Along with zombie transformations and cosplaying, Chris is also a YouTube and Instagram star, covering everything from Disney, gaming, singing, dancing and anime. Here he is in the process of becoming a walker:

Check out those before and after shots, what a difference!

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

While you might not recognize Chris while he's all bloodied up, you might be more familiar with him from one his most popular videos where he cosplays and sings as a gender-bent Cruella De Vil, named 'Cristian De Vil.'

See also:

But as good as it might be to try life out as zombie, at some stage all that makeup has to come off, check out the removal process:

What an amazing process!

Be sure to catch the next episode of Becoming over on Super News Live by Movie Pilot at Thursday 1pm PST.

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