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Karly Rayner

Chrissy Metz oozed confidence when she rocked up to the MTV Awards in an on-trend PVC dress last night, and the This Is Us star is continuing to hold her head up high in the face of body shaming trolls.

In the spirt of the ever-outrageous , Metz chose to ditch the often drab realm of "plus sized" fashion and shine like the star she is in a red latex number. While many fans celebrated Metz's fashion-forward contribution, a few haters inevitably crawled out of the woodwork.

Despite being at the receiving end of a barrage of cruel Tweets — including some mocking her weight-loss contract remained positive about both her body image and her outfit choice while politely telling her critics where to shove it.

Such supreme shade skills in the face of ignorance. Go Chrissy!

What did you think of Chrissy Metz's MTV Awards outfit?


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