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This Is Us was the biggest hit of the 2016-2017 TV season, with the March 14th finale bringing in nearly 18 million viewers. It took the top spot for all broadcast and cable shows, making it the first time in almost 13 years that an NBC in-season scripted series had that honor. So, why did it resonate?

Recently, actress (Kate Pearson) participated in a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, and she was asked why the series has struck a chord with people and what the show's success says about today's culture. Here's how she responded:

"Oh, I think we all want to love each other and we're at this point where we're like, 'Help?' Where do we start from? Love. We're made from love to love. And I think the show is so relatable because we're all going through something, and it doesn't matter how tall, thin, rich or poor we are, we all want the same thing and we all feel inadequacies. But that we can move through that, and there's discussions to be had about them."

is one of those shows that makes us keep tuning in simply because we can't miss what is going to happen next. It's a heartwarming drama that is so rarely seen on television these days, as series star Milo Ventimiglia (Jack Pearson) mentioned back in January when he spoke to the Seattle Times:

“I think it’s filling a void, particularly in a television landscape that does get cynical, that does get dark, that does get riddled with zombies, that is more hopeful.”

His sentiments were echoed by Ron Cephas Jones (William Hill).

“The way it’s written and what we’re able to do with it, it’s rare. We’re in rarefied air.”

This is Us has taken its spot among the legion of powerful dramas like ER, Brothers and Sisters and Life Goes On that resonate with viewers, and that was just one of the many reasons it was renewed for a second and third season in January.

This Is Us returns on NBC this fall.

Are you hooked on This Is Us?

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