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Anyone who's spent even a minute on one of 's social media accounts knows that the Sports Illustrated model and recent cookbook auteur gives about as many f*cks as her husband John Legend has boobs — none. And between two Twitter feuds with restless haters calling her out for not being the perfect role model, she's had time to shave every single hair below her neck before heading to the American Music Awards.

Some say "better safe than sorry," but with Chrissy it's neither. The dress she wore on the red carpet had a slit so high it makes me wonder whether she forgot you could show some cleavage by simply cutting a larger collar, but thankfully she handled it all with the perfect amount of self-mocking.

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When You Bare It All, Don't Forget To Thank The Laser Hair Removal Company

While the derogatory comments were quick to flow in online, Chrissy took things in stride and posted a triptych of her risky outfit on her Instagram page, captioning the pictures with a snarky apology to anyone offended by her dress, and a hilarious shoutout to the laser hair removal company she hired that day:

#AMAs! love you so so so much @jenatkinhair @1maryphillips @monicarosestyle @kimmiekyees (apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha) dress is #yousefakbar and shoes are @dsquared2 and laser hair removal is @sevlaseraesthetics

And she's not running out of cheeky replies anytime soon.

There's Post-Baby Bodies And Then There's Chrissy

However, it'd be a shame to focus on her private parts so much that we'd forget to congratulate her for rocking such a gorgeous figure barely six months after giving birth — and in between the publication of two cookbooks. Does sass count as a workout, Chrissy?


Do you feel like Chrissy Teigen crossed a line with her AMAs dress?


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