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There's a reason that John Legend wrote the ultra-sappy, head-over-heels love song "All Of Me" for . It's because she's flawless. The stunning, hilarious supermodel and mom can always be counted on to brighten the day of her fans, especially on Twitter, where she's basically the reigning monarch.

This weekend was no exception to that rule. Teigen took it upon herself to make the day — and probably lifetime — of one lucky fan by doing a whole lot more than just retweeting.

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Mercedes Edney from Charlotte, North Carolina, also known as Skin Care Genie, already had a prominent social media following in her own right thanks to her gorgeous posts on beauty and makeup. Edney decided to take her passion one step further by going to esthetician school. The tuition for her chosen school cost $5,995, and with no options for financial aid, Edney decided to start a page on to raise money for her goal.

By Friday, Edney had wracked up $300 in donations, but when she checked her page again, she was surprised to see she had surpassed $6,000 already! The reason for the sudden surge? Sweet angel philanthropist Chrissy Teigen had donated the remainder of the money, and a little extra on top.

Edney expressed her effusive gratitude on Twitter, and Teigen had the perfect response:

Chrissy Teigen: Making dreams come true since 1985.


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