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The is without a doubt the most glamorous event of the year. All the biggest stars get decked out in their finest attire and strut their stuff down the red carpet before finding their seats among the rest of the rich and famous. While we're at home downing buff chick dip and playing hot or not, those poor celebrities have to sit in the same spot for the ENTIRE thing, even the boring parts. Thus, it's not really surprising that someone dozed off. Especially not since that person is the breathtaking supermodel and hilarious social media goddess .

Teigen's the mom of 1-year-old daughter Luna, so we can forgive her for trying to steal a few z's whenever and wherever she can. Even if that place is at the Academy Awards, slumped on the shoulder of her equally dreamy husband, .

Chrissy timed her catnap at the exact moment that Casey Affleck accepted the award for Best Actor. Coincidence?

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Of course, people haven't ruled out the possibility that she's just pretending to be asleep. It was only like 9pm, after all.

And of course, this wasn't the only time in the evening that Chrissy and John proved they were all the . Thankfully, someone made this 360 montage of them being adorable on the red carpet.

If that didn't melt your heart already, here's a vid of Chrissy hugging 8-year-old Sunny Pawar from Lion. You're welcome.

Never one to be outdone on Twitter, Chrissy was ready on Monday morning with the perfect response to all the fuss about her little power nap.


Do you think Chrissy was *really* asleep?

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