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(WARNING: this article contains Rosita spoilers for the Walking Dead comics, which, though influential to the show, do not necessarily spoil the show)

There are the two types of fans: the ones who've read the comics and the ones who haven't. Some feel that the comics are the Walking Dead gospel and should be followed to the letter, but the show has expanded the TWD fanbase so far that many think it stands alone as its own entity.

More of this character combo, please
More of this character combo, please

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Rosita actress Christian Serratos told Comic Book that she understands that show versus comic ambivalence, particularly when it comes to her own demise:

"I think all of these characters have such incredible deaths, and I think that, yes, you do feel a sense of possession. That is my death. Nobody can have it. However, there are some incredible deaths, like Abraham's death in the comic book was given to Denise's character on the show. It was amazing. A lot of the deaths have been flip flopped, and that goes along with how amazing Scott Gimple is at staying true to the comic book while still keeping people on their toes.

Whatever death I get, I know that it's not going to come rightly. It's going to have been very thought out and it'll be exactly the death I was meant to have."

Can you live without this marvelous woman in your Walking Dead world?

Rosita's death in the comic comes in Issue 144, getting her head impaled on a spike in Whisperer territory. Bad times indeed, but if her death stays the same, at least we'll know that she'll outlive the Reign of Negan.


Would you like to see Rosita's death take place in the way it happens in the comics?

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